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Club Groove


Please fill in the form below to request a booking or
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This is not a confirmation of booking.
We will contact you ASAP to confirm your request.
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The maximum duration of a Club Groove is 4 hours. If you want the club to go for a longer period please contact us for extended time arrangements.

Start Time
Finish Time

If your club is split into two parts, please indicate the start and finish time for each half

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If you don't want us to take photos and post them on the website please tick this box

MAXI requires a 5 pin 32 amp. 3 phase female power socket located within 10m of the stage.

MIDI as above, 3 phase is preferred although 4 separately fused 16 amp. Power outlets would be sufficient.

MINI 3 separately fused 16 amp. Power outlets

There must also be unrestricted access to the circuit breakers that power the venue. Is there access?

Smoke Detectors?

If yes, can they be isolated?

If there are stairs we need to know how many steps, please write this information in the comment box: :
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Access times

Access times required to set up production vary between the different club sizes

Show size

Load in time

Load out time

4 hours prior to start
2 hours after finish
3 hours prior to start
1.5 hours after finish
2 hours prior to start
1 hour after finish

For the best effect, the stage should be elevated approximately 1m and should be 2m in depth. The stage must be stable. In event of no stage, 6 large drama blocks are ideal.


Cancellation of the booking can only be made in writing and is to be no less then 21 days Prior to the event. If the booking is cancelled after 21 days, we reserve the right to claim the total balance of the fee, on the event that no other date for the production be arranged.
It is the responsibility of the event organisers to supervise, monitor and control the behaviour of the patrons at the venue. It is recommended a supervising body be placed near the performance area during the event.
It is suggested that patrons be advised prior to the event that "moshing" and "crowd surfing" is prohibited due to the injuries that can be incurred.
If any damage is sustained to the production equipment whilst on the grounds of the venue due to unruly behaviour or vandalism, then the event organisers accept financial responsibility.